MCWS 1 – 10


A 1960s high school student fights for

her right to attend college.

Memoir by Nancy Whitworth

Hidden Treasures

A girl growing up in a military family discovers sadness while learning just how strong she really is.

Memoir by Caroline Brown


While on patrol in the jungles of Vietnam,

a “Screaming Eagle” encounters an enemy.

Memoir by Steve Rountree

My Life as a Marine’s Mother

While reinventing herself, a mother rediscovers

the military family.

Memoir by Patricia Tumlison


Life becomes more complicated for the recruiters of on September 11, 2001.

Memoir by Rich Brown

A Crimson Stain

Eighteen years after Desert Storm,

a Marine revisits

“The Highway of Death.”

By R. Richard Brown

I’d Like to Introduce You to....

An expectant mother and Marine writes a letter to her unborn child.

Memoir by Stacy Atkinson

Is That a Crime?

The Perp has a predilection toward pretty women.  Will Investigator Charles take him down?

Memoir by C. David Ellard


Country girl meets Military boy - Will their families love them, too?

Memoir by Nancy Whitworth



Breakfast in a coffee pot, twins - well, not quite - and a Master Blaster.

Memoir by F.P. Siedentopf

0ur Unit

Poetry by Bernard Haagensen

The Joys & Personal Prices We Pay in Military Service

Is service worth the sacrifice?

This Korean War Veteran has his say.

Memoir by Jack Hayes

Reflections of a Marine’s Mother

Her husband served more than 20 years in the Marine Corps - does this mother have to let her son go, too?

Memoir by Marty Ellard

Moving On

The teenaged member of a military family remembers a difficult move with her family.

Memoir by Caroline Brown

"Corporal J's House Cleaning"

Marines encounter insurgents.

A True Account as Told to

C. David Ellard


A Marine contemplates motherhood and duty in the moments following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

By Sondra Meek

  1. "Just Breathe"

  2. A Vietnam Veteran recalls his first experience at a VA hospital. By Moe Haagensen.

  3. "Cherry Blossom Time"

A mortarman engages in his first combat mission in Vietnam.

By Moe Haagensen

"Monkey Mountain"

In Vietnam, the first combat

Marine Air Control Squadron is emplaced, along with a fantastic club, a new club manager, and the roots of many traditions for the MACS Pack.

By F.P. Siedentopf

"Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise"

On his way to Vietnam, a Marine shares life on a troop ship.

By F.P. Siedentopf

"Jump in Feet First"

During the Vietnam War, a young Air Force bride explores Guam.

By Nancy Whitworth

"Bright and Pressed"

A young Marine shares why

she enlisted.

By Stacy Atkinson

"The Title Beyond the Title"

A Marine shares her struggle to earn

a degree while serving on active duty.

By Stacy Atkinson

"Remembering Ming"

A Vietnam Veteran recalls visiting an orphanage in-country.

By Gerard Boe

"For Love and Honor"

A Marine and mother

addresses her daughter.

By Shana Willoughby

"Always Faithful"

A recruiter shares a hard day

making the numbers.

By C. David Ellard


A hard won confession from Mogan David. By C. David Ellard


A Marine investigator finds a thief. By C. David Ellard

"The Gray"

A Marine investigates the death of an infant.

By C. David Ellard

"First Convoy"

A retired Marine considers his son’s first firefight in Iraq.

By C. David Ellard

“Life by Dream”

A civil service employee recalls moments of life and death connected by a dream.

By Yvonne Green

Open Wounds

A Marine remembers the childhood that made him tough.

By A.M. Yallum

“Swallowing Clay”

A Marine wife recalls the early days of her career in chemical sales.

By Vivian Bikulege


A Marine remembers growing up with her Foreign Service family By Charlotte Brock


A Marine finds solace while working in a military mortuary in Iraq.

By Charlotte Brock

Published in The Gettysburg Review, Autumn 2008 and anthologized in Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks from Vietnam to Iraq, edited by Lisa Bowden and Shannon Cain.


A Marine shares her experience living in Tent City, Iraq.

By Charlotte Brock

"Hey Ya"

Behind the scenes in a war zone.

By Charlotte Brock


A civil service employee profiles a public servant and their marriage.

By Kathryn Parker

“The Fez”

A Korean War Veteran recounts a shipboard battle and liberty in the Bay of Aden.

By Jack Hayes

Published in The Graybeards,

Vol.21, No. 3.

"Leaving the Service"

A Korean War Veteran shares a valuable lesson.

By Jack Hayes

"Hayes for the Defense"

A young officer must form a defense for a criminal during the Korean War.

By Jack Hayes

"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

A Civil Service employee

loses her mother to cancer.

By Melissa Ellis


A Marine wife discovers

saying good-bye never gets easier.

By Monica Greer

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A Letter to My Husband’s Mistress
By Amber Williams

The Melons of Monastir
by R. Richard Brown

The Fall Harvest of ‘59
By Nancy Whitworth

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