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"Above decks it was too windy to play cards and too cramped to exercise, so our major amusements were singing with an acoustic guitar, telling sea stories (lies and bigger lies), and reading if you could find a book.  We loved paperback books because they could be read simultaneously by three or four people. Simply tear the book down its spine at a break between chapters and you ended up with three or four sections. To start, the original owner would read the first section and pass it on.  While he’s reading the second section someone else is reading the first.  Finish those and pass them on and now you have three people reading the same book.  We were always very critical of someone who lost a section of the book, although the loss of a page or two was both inevitable and accepted."
--F.P. Siedentopf "Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise"
  Guarding St. Peter's Gate since Memorial Day 2009

Sied Books, a free book giveaway to deployed military members, wounded warriors, and their families, is sponsored by MilSpeak Foundation in honor of F.P. Siedentopf, MGySgt USMC, Ret., a MilSpeak writer, co-founder of MilSpeak Memo, and a truly dedicated Marine. Deployed units or individuals from any service, wounded warriors, disabled veterans, and their family members can request free coupon codes for any book published by MilSpeak Books by contacting  

Downloading books using the coupon codes requires initiating a membership. This is free. Setting up a membership requires creating and entering a username and password.  

Since 2009 when the program began, Sied Books has gifted more than 2400 downloads of electronic books written by MilSpeak Writers and published by MilSpeak Books. 

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a day late and a warrior short...
f.p. siedentopf, mgysgt usmc, ret.
“Bad Sied”
milspeak writer, co-founder milspeak memo